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3D Printing Face Masks for Charlotte MEDI!

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A few days ago, with this COVID-19 pandemic going on, Muncher & Cruncher were doing ok staying at home as always: working like crazy, while Muncihin’ & Crunchin’…

All of the sudden, we saw a post from Charlotte MEDI, a great initiative from a group of fabricators and designers in the Charlotte area looking for ways to help in this unusual situation.

Well, they let us know that they needed printed pieces and supports for Face Masks, to be sent to different medical institutions in this times of need. We pushed forward, turned on our Ender 3 Pro 3D printer and stated printing Prusa’s Face Masks components. Two large (at least, from our 3D printing point of view)  batches were made and delivered.

All and all, it was a great experience and a great feeling to be able to help. So, everybody, there’s always something to do while staying at home. There are many ways to help and keep busy at the same time.

Follow Charlotte MEDI on social media and discover how you can also help: Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram and their website.

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