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The new BittBoy is driving us crazy!

A few weeks ago we had the chance to get one of this bad boys in our hands, and for our joyous surprise, we were absolutely blown away!. First, we were a little doubtful of ordering a product straight from China, and it took a lot of time, and we really mean it, a looong time!. After the wait, our Critter Cave doorbell gave us the great news, our BittBoy was at our doorstep… And we weren’t disappointed at all! The product looks sturdy, small, but very well built and the packaging is a really step forward for a Chinese product.

Once we added some ROMs to our MicroSD card and turned on that little beautiful screen, we were amazed to see the bright colors and the really good emulation of all Nintendo games.

We really love this cute little device. The buttons and the playability are really good. The emulation is perfect, no lag at all. The sounds are excellent and the screen is just gorgeous. A must have for any retro gaming fan. Small, cute and great!

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