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This Avengers Vs Thanos 16 Bit Scene will blow you away!

Let’s be honest, it’s been an awesome and intense Avengers week! After enjoying the highly anticipated –and incredibly satisfying– Avengers: Endgame, it’s the right moment to remember that incredible fight from Avengers: Infinity War in which Iron Man, The Guardians of the Galaxy & company try to take the Infinity Gauntlet –and almost succeeded– from the mighty Thanos, The Mad Titan himself, hell bent on getting the Time Stone from Dr Strange recreated in marvelous 16-Bit glory!

The video, published in Mr Sunday Movies YouTube channel is just magnificent! The scene is reproduced and rendered with retro prixelly detailed love and care, follow by a scene to scene comparison that just fits perfectly.

We do love Marvel, The Avengers & Retro Video Games, so this gorgeous animation is right up our alley, and oh boy, we can’t get enough of it!

We leave you with Thano’s “snap” scene (below), come on, let’s all cry in 16-Bit for all our missing superheroes…

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