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Our love for computers goes way back to the beginning of time… Remember that gorgeous rainbowy 8-bit TV computer called ZX Spectrum? No, right? You don’t! Because it was a very popular computer system in Europe, but rarely seen at homes in America…

Well, we had the luck (and joy) of having one of those at home –and still do, by the way!– at the time, and that’s how our love for computers, interaction, programming and of course, gaming begun.

Then, why do we collect them? Why do we still have this old “useless” piece of electronic equipment? Well, the answer is quite simple: because we love them! We love cherishing and remembering the experiences we had with them, and we love everything related to computing and computing history.

Want a cool tidbit of info? The ZX Spectrum is heavily featured in the successful –and highly entertainingNetflix interactive film “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch“, in which “the young hero” is trying to develop a new game for this system… Oh boy, and he has a hard time trying to do so…

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